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For current panel members only

Why not get rewarded simply for doing what you already do!


The more devices you install the app or software on, the more rewards you get.  You can also combine points with family members for even greater rewards.

How does it work?

Upon installing our app or software, you will be rewarded with points as you stay active in our study.


Rewards for each device:


Installation/Active Period            Points

App/Software Installation              250  

First week active                              250  

First month active                           500  

Every 3-months active                    750  

1000 Points = $10.00



How can you earn more points?


You also receive an additional 1000 bonus points for each family or household member who installs the app/software and remains active for a month.



How do I claim my point?


These points can be redeemed for e-vouchers that can be exchanged for cash or shopping vouchers.  You will need a minimum of 1000 points before you can start redeeming.


Points                     E-Voucher Value

1000                              $10.00           

1500                              $15.00           

2000                              $20.00           


Receive your rewards through PayPal or VISA Gift cards



If you have already joined our panel, you can click the button below to check your points balance.


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