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We take your privacy very seriously!


We collect and process your data anonymously – this means that your data is never linked to your personal information.  Your Email or phone number is only used for downloading the software and to send you your rewards.

  • What is the Singapore Video Measurement Panel (SVMP)?
    It is a panel of Singapore residents that allow their online media consumption via smartphones, tablets and computers. The panel is operated by AMPD Research, a subsidiary of Media Partners Asia Research Services Pte Ltd (MPA).
  • Why is it needed?
    Streaming services, telecom providers, movie studios and TV broadcasters need to understand who is watching what programmes and advertisers need to know where to place their advertising. To do this they must know how many people of different backgrounds and ages watch each programme. The information may also be used to understand how to best market and promote particular show or movie titles.
  • Who uses the information collected from the panel?
    The information is used by the many organisations involved in making video content. These include movie studios, video on demand services, technology companies, telecom providers and TV broadcasters. The data collected helps them better understand the audience for different types of show or movie title as well as how to best promote them. It provides a clear picture of who is and who is not watching different types programmes. This helps programme makers decide which shows they should make, include on their service or invest in. Viewing data from the panel are also used by the advertising industry to help them decide where to place commercials.
  • How big is the Singapore Video Measurement Panel?
    This is a new service, so the panel will initially consists of between 500 to 600 people. However, over time this will grow to several thousand people.
  • What do I need to do?
    The first step is to complete a short questionnaire to see if you qualify to join the panel. Not everyone can join because the panel must be carefully balanced to represent a cross-section of the Singapore population in order to be as representative as possible. If you have qualified to join the panel, you will be sent a link by SMS or Email to download an app onto the devices you use to watch video content online. These include any smartphones, tablets or computers you use.
  • What if I want to cancel my subscription to a VOD service?
    The objective of the panel is to measure actual behavior, so you should do exactly what you would normally do. This includes changes in your subscription or usage of VOD services, so please do not change your behavior in any way. If you are considering cancelling or signing-up for new service, continue as you normally would.
  • What are the rewards?
    You will receive rewards points as a thank you for participating in the panel. The amount will depend on the number of devices that are monitored. For each device that is monitored a special App called “AnalyzeMe” must be installed. You will receive points immediately upon the successful installation of this App. The rewards are given in the form of points that can be redeemed for cash or vouchers that can be used at a large range of F&B outlets, shops and online retailers. You can also use the point to donate to charities. Upon successful installation of the AnalyzeMe software/app on your device, you will receive 250 points, then another 250 after the first week of installation – that’s 500 point per device in the first week. You can earn extra points by installing the AnalyzeMe app on multiple devices. This means that is possible to earn 1500 point in first week if you install on 3 devices, e.g. 1 smartphone, 1 tablet and 1 computer. The points structure per device is as follows: Installation/Active Period Points App/Software Installation 250 First week active 250 First month active 500 Every 3-months active 750 You also receive an additional 1000 bonus points for each family or household member who installs the app/software who remains active for a month. These points can be redeemed for e-vouchers that can be exchanged for cash or shopping vouchers. You will need a minimum of 1000 points before you can start redeeming. Points E-Voucher Value 1000 $10 1500 $15 2000 $20 If other members of your family qualify for the panel, you can combine points to redeem for a larger reward.
  • How can I redeem the rewards?
    Panel members will receive rewards via email automatically once the successful installation of the app/software is completed, then at intervals. A gift code is sent via Email that can be redeemed at where panel members can choose their preferred way to receive the reward. Panellists can also choose to receive their reward via the following Transfer to your credit or debit card Bank deposit PayPal transfer Visa Gift Card
  • Can my friends and family join?
    The panel is not open to everyone, as each person must complete a joining questionnaire to see if they qualify. However, anyone is eligible to apply.
  • Can my children join the panel?
    Yes, anyone aged 4 and above can join the panel if they are using a smartphone, tablet or computer to view online video content. We do expect that it may be necessary for an adult to complete the joining survey and to install the app on devices for younger children. Parents must also explicitly give their permission for children under the age of 15 to participate.
  • How long do I need to be on the panel?
    You can stay on as long as you like. We do ask though that you participate for a minimum of 3 months.
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